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Bilge Pump in Leeds

Bilge Pump
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Saturday 2nd March 2019, £5.00

Promoter(s): Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump
Recently featured in Marc Riley BBC 6 music's best of 2018. New album "We :ove You" finally out Feb 15th 2019 on Gringo Records.
Anyone who has ever seen them will tell you they are loud. But loud and clear, defined patterns, riffs smoulder into drones and then catch fire again lyric's trimmed of fat, precise and witty. Listen to these songs and its feels like being in a pub whilst your mate recounts ludicrous theories and romantic woes. You don't know whether to laugh or cry and in the background the juke box belts out a mix of Queen, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Pil, King Crimson and The Shangri La's, half heard above the din so you keep filling in the bits you missed with your own.

Guttersnipe are an ecstatic, disgusting, blown-out, body-music-and-rainbow-noise yowl duo from Leeds, England currently making the rounds on U.K. year end lists like The Wire and The Quietus. If you like your rock music frenzied, caustic and devoid of anything resembling a melody, this might be worth a blast. Drummer Tipula Confusa is a throwback to the beastly pummel of noise-punk bands like Lightning Bolt, Hella and Deerhoof, a mix of body-music brawn and brain-music freneticism. Guitarist Uroceras Gigas has an expressionist gurgle to her guitar like Sonic Youth or P****d Jeans. Recent album My Mother The Vent has been hailed as an outstanding work by everyone from The Quietus to Rolling Stone!

Formed forteen years ago, the Leeds based Cowtown has earned a potent reputation and support for their rousing proposal of sound. Merging raw seventies power pop with punk and its post neighbour as well as their own modern imagination, the threesome of guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Nash, keybassist/vocalist Hilary Knott, and drummer David Michael Shields have caught more and more attention through their previous trio of albums; Pine-Cone Express (2007), Excellent Domestic Short Hair (2010), and especially Dudes vs. Bad Dudes(2013). Latest album Paranormal Romance is a whole new ball game though with the band's most rounded and boldly captivating songs yet without losing the raw magnetism which made its predecessor such a greedily welcomed encounter.

Rattle is an exploration into subtle rhythmic fluctuations, tonal space, and minimal melodics. Their setup of two singing drummers seems unlikely, but Katharine Eira Brown (Kogumaza) and Theresa Wrigley (Fists) use the limitations of their arrangement to create pieces of intertwined, flowing, textural percussion and threading sublime melodies through the gaps. Knowing accents and shrewd interplay expand upon spartan beats to create a hypnotic, eddying whole that envelops the surrounding space. The Nottingham-base pair's second album, "Sequence", was released by Upset The Rhythm in November 2018.

Beige Palace
'Beige Palace make sparse-sounding music that's jarring, dissonant and hints at a clash between early Pram and No Wave angularity.' Two yeas on, it still seems a fair summary. 'It's not math-rock', their moustachioed front man, Freddy Vinehill-Clifee forewarns the audience before they begin their set. He's right. It's atonal, droney, repetitive noise-rock with an almost spoken word delivery. Kelly Bishop's flat, elongated vowels are reminiscent of Mark E. Smith in the early years of The Fall. New album Leg should be available from 22nd February.

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