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Twig Harper/glands Of External Secretion/chelsea Tadeyeske & Edie Roberts /carnivorous Plants in Leeds

Twig Harper/glands Of External Secretion/chelsea Tadeyeske & Edie Roberts /carnivorous Plants
Chunk, Leeds
Tuesday 30th April 2019

An evening of the USA's finest brain-bent noiseniks and spoken word wordnicks

8PM ~ BYOB ~ £6 PAYF

CHUNK endeavours to be a safer space and if you are making anyone feel uncomfortable via racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other shite behaviour, then you will be asked to leave.

Twig Harper (Maryland)

Circuit bent noiseness from half of Nautical Almanac. Circuit bent homemade sonic explorations in dada(?) sound art(?) crawling out of the US DIY noise scene (think ya Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, anything on Hanson kinda deal)


Glands Of External Secretion (California)

Mashed-in-the-hand sonic manipulations. Bugged out tape loops, seething textures and gunky gunk combine into not quite noise hunks of music


Chelsea Tadeyeske (Wisconsin)

Poet, performer and bookmaker interested in investigating the Venn diagrams made of the shame, trauma and desire that are rooted in femininity.


Edie Roberts (Detroit)

Genderqueer performer and activist with works steeped in a characteristic American anxiety, searching for identity through cultural interrogation and radical vulnerability, then connected to global economic and environmental concerns with an activated desperation

Carnivorous Plants

Just another step in Liquid Library's own Owen Chambers quest to make all music. Anti folk songwriting sensibilities, ambient stare, psychedelic flail and harsh noise filth will meet somewhere or other. they gotta!


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