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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

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Find out what's on at Brudenell Social Club below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March Sarah Darling Tickets
2019-03-21 The Wonderland Tour Tickets
2019-03-22Friday 22nd March Jessica Pratt Tickets
2019-03-22 My Baby Tickets
2019-03-23Saturday 23rd March Matt Andersen Tickets
2019-03-24Sunday 24th March Colossal Squid (adam Betts) Tickets
2019-03-24 The Ocean Tickets
2019-03-25Monday 25th March The Men They Couldn't Hang
2019-03-25 Health Tickets
2019-03-26Tuesday 26th March Bob Log Iii Tickets
2019-03-27Wednesday 27th March Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Sold Out
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Larkins Sold Out
2019-03-29Friday 29th March Upset The Rhythm Showcase Tickets
2019-03-29 Sauna Youth Tickets
2019-03-30Saturday 30th March Oozing Wound Tickets
2019-03-30 Bob Reynolds Tickets
2019-03-30 British Wildlife Festival 2019 Tickets
2019-03-30 Ladybird Sold Out
2019-03-31Sunday 31st March Piroshka Tickets
2019-04-03Wednesday 3rd April Amyl & The Sniffers Tickets
2019-04-03 Mekons Tickets
2019-04-04Thursday 4th April Dan Mangan Tickets
2019-04-04 Tom Russell Tickets
2019-04-05Friday 5th April Yak Tickets
2019-04-05 Nilüfer Yanya Tickets
2019-04-06Saturday 6th April Pinegrove Tickets
2019-04-06 Ferocious Dog Sold Out
2019-04-07Sunday 7th April Steve Gunn Tickets
2019-04-08Monday 8th April Nicole Atkins Tickets
2019-04-09Tuesday 9th April Tom Williams Tickets
2019-04-11Thursday 11th April Pup Sold Out
2019-04-12Friday 12th April Fontaines D.c. Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April Keep It Cash Tickets
2019-04-18Thursday 18th April Interrobang Tickets
2019-04-18 Saint Vitus Tickets
2019-04-18 Headsticks Tickets
2019-04-18 Saint Vitus - 40 F'n Years Tickets
2019-04-19Friday 19th April Alabama 3 Tickets
2019-04-19 Daughters Sold Out
2019-04-19 Alabama 3 - Acoustic Tour Tickets
2019-04-20Saturday 20th April Ukrainski Vistupi V Ivana Peela Tickets
2019-04-24Wednesday 24th April Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation Tickets
2019-04-24 Puppy Tickets
2019-04-24 Josefin Ohrn Tickets
2019-04-25Thursday 25th April The Creepshow Tickets
2019-04-26Friday 26th April Strangeforms 2019
2019-04-26 Penetration Tickets
2019-04-26 Mike Krol Tickets
2019-04-27Saturday 27th April Strange Forms Festival - Saturday Only Ticket Tickets
2019-04-27 Cc Smugglers Tickets
2019-04-27 Strangeforms 2019 Tickets
2019-04-28Sunday 28th April Rozi Plain Tickets
2019-04-28 Strangeforms 2019 Tickets
2019-04-28 Strange Forms Festival - Sunday Only Ticket Tickets
2019-04-29Monday 29th April William Tyler Tickets
2019-05-01Wednesday 1st May Built To Spill Tickets
2019-05-01 Grant-lee Phillips & Josh Rouse Tickets
2019-05-02Thursday 2nd May Stella Donnelly Tickets
2019-05-02 Jaye Jayle Tickets
2019-05-03Friday 3rd May Drahla Tickets
2019-05-03 Otoboke Beaver Tickets
2019-05-05Sunday 5th May Methyl Ethel Tickets
2019-05-06Monday 6th May Hamell On Trial Tickets
2019-05-06 Men I Trust Tickets
2019-05-06 James Yorkston Tickets
2019-05-07Tuesday 7th May Nice Biscuit Tickets
2019-05-08Wednesday 8th May Cabbage Tickets
2019-05-09Thursday 9th May From The Jam Tickets
2019-05-09 From The Jam "that's Entertainment" Tickets
2019-05-09 Ana Popovic Tickets
2019-05-10Friday 10th May Ten Tonnes Tickets
2019-05-11Saturday 11th May Gold Sounds (weekend) - On Sale 30/01/19 @10am Sold Out
2019-05-11 Gold Sounds Festival 2019 - Saturday Day Ticket Tickets
2019-05-12Sunday 12th May Gold Sounds Festival 2019 - Weekend Tickets
2019-05-14Tuesday 14th May Unloved Tickets
2019-05-14 Psychotic Monks, Kal Marks Tickets
2019-05-14 Kal Marks / Implement (venue Collect Only) Tickets
2019-05-15Wednesday 15th May Priests Tickets
2019-05-15 Daddy Long Legs Tickets
2019-05-15 Foreigner's Journey (a) Tickets
2019-05-16Thursday 16th May The Leisure Society Tickets
2019-05-16 The Mariachis' Mexican Fiesta Tickets
2019-05-17Friday 17th May Aldous Harding Tickets
2019-05-17 Endless Boogie Tickets
2019-05-18Saturday 18th May Big Thief Sold Out
2019-05-18 Interrorbang Tickets
2019-05-18 Oh My God! Its The Church Tickets
2019-05-19Sunday 19th May Jason Lytle Tickets
2019-05-19 Jason Lytle (grandaddy) Tickets
2019-05-19 Andrea Gibson Tickets
2019-05-20Monday 20th May Mildlife Tickets
2019-05-20 Krs-one Tickets
2019-05-22Wednesday 22nd May Tomberlin Tickets
2019-05-22 Kikagaku Moyo Tickets
2019-05-23Thursday 23rd May Tv Smith & The Bored Teenagers Tickets
2019-05-23 Willie Nile Tickets
2019-05-24Friday 24th May Chameleonsvox Tickets
2019-05-24 Chameleonsvox - Strange Times Tour Tickets
2019-05-24 Ex Hex Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May The Men They Couldn't Hang Tickets
2019-05-25 Pregoblin Tickets
2019-05-26Sunday 26th May Connan Mockasin Tickets
2019-05-26 Connan Mockasin- On Sale Fri 15th March At 9:00am Tickets
2019-05-29Wednesday 29th May Strand Of Oaks Tickets
2019-05-29 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Tickets
2019-05-30Thursday 30th May Wheatus Tickets
2019-05-30 Still Corners Tickets
2019-05-31Friday 31st May Subhumans Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June The Rutles Tickets
2019-06-04Tuesday 4th June Dale Watson & His Lone Stars Tickets
2019-06-05Wednesday 5th June Methyl Ethel Tickets
2019-06-05 Jr. Walker's All Star Band Tickets
2019-06-06Thursday 6th June Jr. Walkers All Star Band Tickets
2019-06-06 A.a. Bondy Tickets
2019-06-07Friday 7th June Skids Tickets
2019-06-07 This Is The Kit Tickets
2019-06-08Saturday 8th June Ian Prowse Tickets
2019-06-10Monday 10th June Meat Puppets Tickets
2019-06-11Tuesday 11th June Wallows Tickets
2019-06-12Wednesday 12th June Hop Along Tickets
2019-06-12 Andrew Bird Tickets
2019-06-14Friday 14th June Mungo Jerry Tickets
2019-06-15Saturday 15th June A Foreigner's Journey Tickets
2019-06-15 Heavenly Weekend (weekend Early Bird) Tickets
2019-06-20Thursday 20th June Mik Artistik's Ego Trip Tickets
2019-06-21Friday 21st June Rhythm Of The 90's Tickets
2019-06-21 Ultimate Bowie Tickets
2019-06-23Sunday 23rd June Laura Stevenson Tickets
2019-06-26Wednesday 26th June Metz Tickets
2019-06-26 Metz - On Sale Friday 22nd March At 9:00am Tickets
2019-07-01Monday 1st July Love Band Featuring Johnny Echols Tickets
2019-07-01 The Love Band Tickets
2019-07-06Saturday 6th July The Lynne & Mccartney Story Tickets
2019-07-06 Lynne Tickets
2019-07-12Friday 12th July Angelic Upstarts Tickets
2019-07-12 The Bon Jovi Experience Tickets
2019-07-19Friday 19th July Shonen Knife Tickets
2019-07-23Tuesday 23rd July Easy All-stars Playing Tickets
2019-07-23 Easy Star All-stars Playing "dub Side Of The Moon" Tickets
2019-07-27Saturday 27th July The Hip Priests, Blind Haze, The F*ckin Glorious Tickets
2019-07-30Tuesday 30th July Daniel Norgren Tickets
2019-07-30 No Vacation Tickets
2019-07-31Wednesday 31st July Daniel Norgren Tickets
2019-08-02Friday 2nd August Peatbog Faeries Tickets
2019-08-03Saturday 3rd August John Otway Tickets
2019-08-13Tuesday 13th August Skinny Living - On Sale Friday 22/3 At 9:00 A.m. Tickets
2019-08-20Tuesday 20th August White Fence Tickets
2019-08-20 Tim Presley's White Fence Tickets
2019-08-21Wednesday 21st August Anaïs Mitchell Tickets
2019-08-28Wednesday 28th August Sam Evian Tickets
2019-08-28 Anais Mitchell Tickets
2019-08-30Friday 30th August Space Tickets
2019-08-31Saturday 31st August The Wurzels Tickets
2019-09-02Monday 2nd September The Spook School Tickets
2019-09-04Wednesday 4th September Gia Margaret Tickets
2019-09-06Friday 6th September Punishment Of Luxury Tickets
2019-09-08Sunday 8th September Mark Mulcahy Tickets
2019-09-16Monday 16th September Inme Tickets
2019-09-16 Inme - Jumpstart Hope Tour Tickets
2019-09-16 Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2019-09-19Thursday 19th September The Smyths - Thursday Tickets
2019-09-20Friday 20th September The Smyths - Friday Tickets
2019-09-21Saturday 21st September The Smyths - Saturday Tickets
2019-10-05Saturday 5th October The Slackers Tickets
2019-10-06Sunday 6th October Focus Tickets
2019-10-07Monday 7th October Pierce Brothers Tickets
2019-10-20Sunday 20th October Robyn Hitchcock Tickets
2019-10-24Thursday 24th October Royal Republic Tickets
2019-10-26Saturday 26th October Limehouse Lizzy Tickets
2019-11-01Friday 1st November Icicle Works Tickets
2019-11-14Thursday 14th November Wishbone Ash Tickets
2019-11-14 Wishbone Ash - 50th Anniversary Tour Tickets
2019-11-16Saturday 16th November The Mountain Goats Tickets
2019-11-17Sunday 17th November The Mountain Goats Tickets
2019-11-17 Hot Club Of Cowtown Tickets
2019-11-20Wednesday 20th November Mike Peters Tickets
2019-11-20 The Alarm Tickets
2019-11-20 Mike Peters - On Sale 10:00am Friday 8th March Tickets
2019-11-29Friday 29th November Strand Of Oaks Tickets
2019-11-29 Graham Parker Tickets
2019-12-06Friday 6th December T.rexmas With T.rextasy Tickets

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