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Headrow House

Bramleys Yard, Leeds LS1 6PU

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Find out what's on at Headrow House below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2021-08-07Saturday 7th August Wooze Sold Out
2021-08-20Friday 20th August International Teachers Of Pop Tickets
2021-08-26Thursday 26th August Saccades Tickets
2021-08-29Sunday 29th August Goldie Tickets
2021-08-31Tuesday 31st August Bbymutha Tickets
2021-09-07Tuesday 7th September Gotts Street Park Tickets
2021-09-11Saturday 11th September Mollie Coddled Tickets
2021-09-12Sunday 12th September Pan Amsterdam Tickets
2021-09-17Friday 17th September Nathan Fake Tickets
2021-09-22Wednesday 22nd September Master Peace Tickets
2021-09-23Thursday 23rd September Horsey Tickets
2021-09-24Friday 24th September Long Legged Creatures Tickets
2021-09-29Wednesday 29th September Birthday Girl Tickets
2021-09-30Thursday 30th September Meatraffle Tickets
2021-10-01Friday 1st October Virginia Wing Tickets
2021-10-04Monday 4th October Ato Tickets
2021-10-05Tuesday 5th October Talk Show Tickets
2021-10-08Friday 8th October Joesef Tickets
2021-10-09Saturday 9th October Ego Ella May Tickets
2021-10-17Sunday 17th October Soccer96 Tickets
2021-10-20Wednesday 20th October Jockstrap Tickets
2021-10-26Tuesday 26th October Neon Waltz Tickets
2021-10-28Thursday 28th October Hanya Tickets
2021-11-01Monday 1st November Tempesst Tickets
2021-11-03Wednesday 3rd November Real Lies Tickets
2021-11-04Thursday 4th November Ashley Henry Tickets
2021-11-07Sunday 7th November Lord Apex Tickets
2021-11-08Monday 8th November Nihiloxica Tickets
2021-11-09Tuesday 9th November Islandman Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November Warm Digits Tickets
2021-11-14Sunday 14th November Keiyaa Tickets
2021-11-15Monday 15th November Steam Down Tickets
2021-11-16Tuesday 16th November Hallan Tickets
2021-11-17Wednesday 17th November Elkka Tickets
2021-11-18Thursday 18th November GNOD Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November Bess Atwell Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November Freya Beer Tickets
2021-11-23Tuesday 23rd November Leifur James Tickets
2021-11-24Wednesday 24th November Seatbelts Tickets
2021-11-24 Braids Tickets
2021-11-25Thursday 25th November Berwyn Tickets
2021-11-26Friday 26th November Japanese Television Tickets
2021-11-27Saturday 27th November Italia 90 Tickets
2021-12-02Thursday 2nd December Theon Cross Tickets
2021-12-06Monday 6th December Mike Tickets
2021-12-08Wednesday 8th December Blank Banshee Tickets
2022-02-16Wednesday 16th February Motorama Tickets
2022-02-26Saturday 26th February Emma-jean Thackray Tickets
2022-03-23Wednesday 23rd March Cloud Nothings Tickets
2022-05-10Tuesday 10th May Coco Tickets
2022-05-15Sunday 15th May Sports Tickets
2022-05-25Wednesday 25th May Donny Benet Tickets

Headrow House Gig Promoters

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